How "The Key to Luck" came to be

Manifesting is powerful tool for making rapid and effortless improvements in all aspects of your life.

Stretching over nearly two thousand years of human history not only has the knowledge of how to manifest been “lost” but even the name has degenerated to a point in which it could be classed as a meaningless mumbling.

My purpose with this book is to, once again, bring you into contact with real manifesting.

In the original teachings of Jesus and the original Bible, the science of manifesting was taught to all. To a large extent, this is why Christianity so rapidly became such a powerful force. All this changed when the Roman Emperor Constantine (272 - 337 AD) saw the Christian Church as a way to stabilise his very shaky grip on political power.

Constantine made a pact with the christian bishops to give back all property confiscated by his predecessor, Diocletian, and to make Christianity the state religion. The bishop’s part in this was to teach their followers that “God had appointed the Emperor to govern over their worldly affairs and that they must, therefore, obey him in worldly matters.” The bishops saw, of course, that, when a new Emperor was to be appointed, it was they who would declare “God’s Will” as to who the successor was to be. A sweet deal which they grasped with both hands and thus began the “Dark Ages” in which the Papal Imperium was to rule over Europe almost unchallenged for more than 1200 years.

In order to facilitate the deal and to restrict the enormous personal freedom enjoyed by all Christians at that time, large changes were made to the Bible. Many books, including all of those written by women, were simply removed in toto. Two of the four laws of manifesting were made a state secret exclusively available to the upper hierarchy and a non-functional “ersatz” was taught to everyone else.

In the 20th century, many, perhaps all, of the missing parts of the Bible, including an almost complete Gospel of St. Thomas, have been found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library.
Now, as the patriarchal hierarchy comes to an end, the knowledge of how to manifest has been returned to us. All that you need in order to change your life is to learn and to use it.

In short, the highest probability is that you have neither yourself learned how to effectively manifest nor yet do you know anyone who knows how to do it.

Driven by insatiable curiosity, I began my search for the “lost” knowledge more than 40 years ago.

In the Autumn of 2008, I received that last two pieces to the puzzle from the American explorer, Gregg Braden which then enabled me to begin writing this work book.

Although the german language original has gone on to 12 editions and 18 reprints, there has, to date, only been a very abridged version available in English. What you will now get is the 13th edition which has not even been published in German!

This book contains the collected and collated knowledge; the simple to follow step by step guide to effective manifesting.


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